Unknown Maker

This handmade toy was given to U.S. Army Chaplain Abraham Zemach by a liberated prisoner from a concentration camp.

The carriage drawn by four horses is carved from several pieces of wood pieced together and decorated with paint: red, blue, gold, white, and green. The horses' manes are made from feathers.


Fan with finely carved ivory blades. Silk is plain on one side; the other side is decorated with approximately 300 glued on paper insignias, many of them monograms, in many colors.

Necklace with five squared plates with six rows of silver beads between each, three pendants hanging from three central plates; on central pendant two coins: two Annas, India 1887/1888/Victoria Emp

Spice container in fish form has moveable scales, blue glass (or stone?) eyes. The head is detachable.

Red silk with Persian leaf design in gold, lined with floral cotton.

The use of amulets is widespread in Jewish, Christian and Muslim popular belief. Amulets may be made of metal, wood, stone or parchment/paper.

Pair of arm bracelets. The three recessed bands each have four oval carnelians; engraved wavy banner motif frames each stone on a narrow rim gilded background.

Many of the Ashkenazic Jews of Central and Eastern Europe brought woodcarving skills to our shores.

Through the years, an estimated hundred thousand Jewish men and women in Chicago participated in some seven hundred landsmanshaft fareinen, or “homeland societies” formed by people who emi

This watch was given to Adele (nee Ptak) Miller's mother from her father as a wedding present. She remembers her mother wearing it on special occasions.