Fine Art

David Ben Bekker (1897-1956) was born Ben Menachem in Poland. He studied at the Bezalel School for Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem and at the Antokolsky School in Vilna.

Issachar Ber Ryback (1897-1935) was born in Elisavetpol, Ukraine, and studied at Kiev Academy. He exhibited for the first time in 1915 at the Kiev Spring Exhibition.

A watercolor painted by a Chicago artist known for his politically engaged work.

Morris Topchevsky (1899-1947) was born in Bialystok, Poland, where four of his siblings perished in the pogroms of 1905.

This color lithograph, adapted from a 1954 gouache by Chagall, was executed under his supervision by Charles Sorlier.

Half length, frontal image of a rabbi behind a lectern, holding book. Style of figure and background somewhat cubist in inspiration.

The subject of this portrait was the first Jew to graduate from Yale University.

Sigmund Waterman (1819-1899) was born in Bruck near Erlangen, in Bavaria, Germany. He studied in the University of Erlangen before emigrating in 1840 to America, where he settled in New Haven.

Rudolph Weisenborn (1881-1974) studied art in North Dakota and Denver before arriving in Chicago around 1912.

Edition 137/150. Abstract composition. A red, glowing form, roughly circular, above an irregular patch of green on an olive background.

Chicago artist Curt Frankenstein used this copper plate to print a whimsical etching.

Painter and printmaker Curt Frankenstein was born to a Jewish father and a Lutheran mother in Hanover, Germany.

Leather bound printed text, illustrated by Ze'ev Raban. The front cover has cameos at each corner depicting scenes of Jerusalem or a woman's profile.