The elaborate decoration on this wedding cup includes fleur-de-lis motif on plate and cup. The lower section of the cup is scalloped. Rows of zigzag are faintly incised above.

This watch was given to Adele (nee Ptak) Miller's mother from her father as a wedding present. She remembers her mother wearing it on special occasions.

These cups are engraved with the monograms "LC" and "MP", for Lore Cohn and Max Pagener. The LC cup was used by Eleanor (Lore) Cohn for Shabbat and holidays.

Wedding contract shaped in the form of a gateway, a common Italian device. Text is flanked by double column design. Bridegroom: Samuel David, son of Solomon Marani.

The design shows clasped hands of a woman and man, crown, and extensive inscription. The bridegroom is Aaron Jacob, son of David; the bride is Edel, daughter of Joel Hirsch.

In this dynamic canvas, Chicago artist Todros Geller paints a traditional Hassidic wedding dance in a modern style influenced by French Cubism and Italian Futurism.

In 1918, Ukrainian-born painter Todros Geller settled in Chicago, where he became an influential artist, a passionate educator, and a tireless promoter of Jewish art.