Works on Paper

David Ben Bekker (1897-1956) was born Ben Menachem in Poland. He studied at the Bezalel School for Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem and at the Antokolsky School in Vilna.

A watercolor painted by a Chicago artist known for his politically engaged work.

Morris Topchevsky (1899-1947) was born in Bialystok, Poland, where four of his siblings perished in the pogroms of 1905.

This color lithograph, adapted from a 1954 gouache by Chagall, was executed under his supervision by Charles Sorlier.

Half length, frontal image of a rabbi behind a lectern, holding book. Style of figure and background somewhat cubist in inspiration.

The subject of this portrait was the first Jew to graduate from Yale University.

Sigmund Waterman (1819-1899) was born in Bruck near Erlangen, in Bavaria, Germany. He studied in the University of Erlangen before emigrating in 1840 to America, where he settled in New Haven.

Edition 137/150. Abstract composition. A red, glowing form, roughly circular, above an irregular patch of green on an olive background.

Mayer Rachmiel Mises (1801-1891) was born in Lemberg. He was ennobled in 1881 by Franz Joseph I of Austria in recognition of his economic achievements.

In this print, Hebrew text is arranged to create an image of King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

The art of micrography is a Jewish art form which developed from the masoretic texts.

Edition 5/20. One of five woodcuts by the Polish-born artist Jakob Steinhardt (1887-1968) illustrating the history of the Hebrew alphabet.

Charcoal drawing of a landscape with darkening sky. Unruly lines in foreground suggest barbed wire. A second landscape drawing is on verso.