Bedspread; Sukkah Curtain; Torah Ark Curtain

A bed cover that would have been repurposed to hang in a sukkah or synagogue.

Unknown Maker

Part of Kavesera, the set of luxurious bed-cover and pillows for wedding and childbirth bed, decorated with metal thread embroidery. The decoration has elaborate corner designs and central cartouche on red velvet. Several stitches and layers of stitches are used: Gold buttonhole stitch for thick flat outline, gold braid and chain stitch for finer line work, and gold threads couched and far apart to resemble lace or lattice work. In addition, thick gold threads are used to fill and raise some of the rosette shapes, and occasionally silver is used to increase the sparkle. Would hang in interior of sukkah or synagogue.

Name: Bedspread; Sukkah Curtain; Torah Ark Curtain
Artist: Unknown Maker
Origin: Ottoman Empire, 19th Century
Medium: Metalwork, Textile
Dimensions: 74 in. x 60 in.
Credit: Gift of Georgette Grosz Spertus from the Maurice Spertus Collection
Catalog Number: 68.1.205