Esther Scroll (Megillat Esther)

Unknown Maker

The scroll belongs to a rare group of Megillot and Ketubbot that have delicate borders in cut-out technique. This technique seems to have been adopted by Jews in Ashkenaz by the 17th century and brought forth masterpieces of cutout Mizrach plaques, especially in Eastern Europe. The use of cutout borders for specific paper works is known to have been used mainly by artists in Ancona and Lugo.

The text panels are framed (two sides and bottom) by a cut out design, which is painted. The design consists of geometrical patterns, floral and animal motifs.

Name: Esther Scroll (Megillat Esther)
Artist: Unknown Maker
Origin: Italy: Ancona or Lugo, 18th Century
Dimensions: 2 15/16 in.x 188 1/16 in.
Credit: Gift of Eva Friedlander in memory of her father, Dr. Isaac Straus (1881-1933)
Catalog Number: 83.7