Kippah; Yarmulke

Unknown Maker

Throughout Jewish history, the attitude toward covering the head has varied. In the Middle Ages, many Jews wore hats only during prayer and study. Gradually it became a custom for Jews to wear head coverings all the time. The reasoning behind wearing a kippah varies. In the Talmud it is stated that covering a child's head insures his piety (Shabbat 156b). For others who choose to cover their heads, it is seen as a sign of modesty before God and an acknowledgement of the kingship of God.

This kippah has a patriotic theme: printed in blue ink are a U.S. flag, wreath, Magen David,and inscription.

Name: Kippah; Yarmulke
Artist: Unknown Maker
Origin: USA, 20th century
Medium: Silk
Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 6 in.
Credit: Gift of unknown donor
Catalog Number: 99.70