L'affaire Dreyfus et la Verite (The Dreyfus Affair and the Truth)

This is a game created by supporters of Dreyfus

Unknown Artist

A poster in the form of a board game illustrated with the actors and episodes of the Dreyfus Affair. At the center a nude woman is depicted standing on a well in an allusion to the French proverb, "the truth lies at the bottom of the well". The four corners are decorated with other symbolic images: drawing lots, the tablets of human rights broken, a military cap on the scale, and masks swept away.

  • Les Remparts D'Israel

    Imprimerie L. Harard Paris
    France, ca. 1898
    printed paper with pink watercolor
    A song satirizing Dreyfus' supporters, illustrated with caricatures.

  • L'Aurore; J'Accuse...!

    Émile Zola
    Paris, January 13, 1898
    printed paper

  • Histoire D'un Innocent

    Imprimerie Pochy
    Paris, ca. 1898
    printed paper
    Sixteen illustrations are arranged in four rows forming a narrative of the Dreyfus affair including his rehabilitation.

  • At Rennes

    England, November 23, 1899
    Double page illustration from "Vanity Fair," showing courtroom with judges, officers, journalists, with Alfred Dreyfus standing at center. Captions at the bottom of the page identify those shown.

  • Guth
    England, September 7, 1899
    Illustration from "Vanity Fair" showing Alfred Dreyfus seated in a chair during his trial.

  • "I Am Innocent!"

    Harper & Brothers; Israel Zangwill
    USA, September 16, 1899
    printed paper
    Illustration of Alfred Dreyfus, captioned "I Am Innocent," above an article by Israel Zangwill on the Dreyfus verdict. The page is from a supplement of "Harper's Weekly."

  • The Dreyfus Question

    England, November 5, 1898
    printed paper

  • The Degradation of Captain Dreyfus for Selling State Documents

    England, January 12, 1895
    printed paper
    Front page of The Graphic (newspaper), with engraved illustration of Captain Alfred Dreyfus being forced to march around a square in front of troops.

Name: L'affaire Dreyfus et la Verite (The Dreyfus Affair and the Truth)
Artist: Unknown Artist
Origin: France, ca. 1898
Medium: Printed Paper
Dimensions: 21 1/2 x 28 in.
Credit: Gift of a friend in memory of Maurice Spertus
Catalog Number: 97.169