Noisemaker (Grogger)

Unknown Maker

On the festive Jewish holiday of Purim, worshipers fill the temple to hear the rabbi read the megillah (Book of Esther). In this tale from the Hebrew Bible, a Jewish woman becomes queen of Persia and foils a genocide of her people. It is traditional for the congregants to use a noisemaker to drown out every mention of the name of the Purim story’s villain, Haman.

This noisemaker may originally have been a police rattle. These types of noisemakers have also been used during Easter celebrations.

Name: Noisemaker (Grogger)
Artist: Unknown Maker
Origin: Central Europe?, late 19th century
Medium: Metal Hardware, Wood
Dimensions: 7 7/8 in.x 7 11/16 in.
Credit: Gift of Georgette Grosz Spertus from the Maurice Spertus Collection
Catalog Number: 69.1.143