Oil on Canvas

Rudolph Weisenborn (1881-1974) studied art in North Dakota and Denver before arriving in Chicago around 1912.

William Auerbach-Levy was born William Auerbach in Brest-Litovsk, Russia in 1889. His family moved to the United States when Auerbach was about five years old, and adopted the name Levy.

Milton Resnick, a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism, offered a great deal of innovation, intensity, and commitment to the genre.

Finely rendered interior view of Altneu Synagogue, Prague. At center in the foreground is a small figure of a reading man. Signed "C.J."

A composition of many figures before a background of classical architecture.

Seymour Rosofsky (1924-1981) was a seminal figure in the development of a distinctive Chicago school in 20th-century art. He was born to Jewish immigrant parents on Chicago's West Side.

This painting by a Chicago artist is an homage to Mondrian’s paintings of the same name.

Vera Klement was born to Russian Jewish immigrants in The Free City of Danzig (today, Gdansk, Poland) in 1929.

In this painting a French artist invented a Middle Eastern scene in his European studio

The French Academic artist Auguste-Alexandre Hirsch (1833-1912) achieved success with his paintings of Orientalist subject matter.

Now in his ninth decade, the artist Irving Petlin was born in Chicago in 1934 to parents from Eastern Europe and raised in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

In Petlin’s body of work he returns again and again to certain resonant objects and figures, recalled or imagined, in order to see them again from new perspectives and discover alternate meanings.

Maryan S. Maryan spent the majority of his artistic career painting solitary grotesque figures, many with hoods, animal ears, and explosions of innards. These “personnages,” as he called them, reflect the horror and trauma of his wartime experiences.

Maryan S. Maryan was born Pinchas Burstein in Nowy-Sącz, Poland, in 1927.