This color lithograph, adapted from a 1954 gouache by Chagall, was executed under his supervision by Charles Sorlier.

Half length, frontal image of a rabbi behind a lectern, holding book. Style of figure and background somewhat cubist in inspiration.

Edition 137/150. Abstract composition. A red, glowing form, roughly circular, above an irregular patch of green on an olive background.

In this print, Hebrew text is arranged to create an image of King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

The art of micrography is a Jewish art form which developed from the masoretic texts.

Edition 5/20. One of five woodcuts by the Polish-born artist Jakob Steinhardt (1887-1968) illustrating the history of the Hebrew alphabet.

This is one of a series of prints by Mauricio Lasansky mourning those who perished in the Holocaust.

Named for the mourner's prayer in Jewish ritual, the Kaddish series is a suite of eight intaglio prints by the Argentine-born artist Mauricio Lasansky (1914-2012).

This portrait of Frederick Douglass is part of the portfolio Nine Drawings by Ben Shahn, published by the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee of the American Civil Liberties Union, Ne

This poster by graphic designer and political activist David Tartakover depicts the first Prime Minister of Israel

Printed to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of David Ben Gurion. He is depicted in left profile with a blue Star of David on his chest.

Edition 19/150. Six dressmaker's mannequins are grouped in the foreground of a landscape, consisting of a body of water with foliage in the foreground.

Biblical scenes, figures of Moses and Aaron, and a view of the Western Wall express a longing to return to Zion

The Mizrah is a classic ritual object that typically expresses a longing for the Promised Land.