Printed Paper

This is a game created by supporters of Dreyfus

A poster in the form of a board game illustrated with the actors and episodes of the Dreyfus Affair.


Fan with finely carved ivory blades. Silk is plain on one side; the other side is decorated with approximately 300 glued on paper insignias, many of them monograms, in many colors.

V-mail (short for Victory Mail) was a system used by the United States during the Second World War to deliver correspondence between troops stationed abroad and home addresses.

The Game of Bible Objects consists of 105 cards, each with a picture of an object connected with the Bible and text references. The box is illustrated with a scene of Rebecca at the well.

Leather bound printed text, illustrated by Ze'ev Raban. The front cover has cameos at each corner depicting scenes of Jerusalem or a woman's profile.

Shaped card opens into an elaborate, free standing scene: a synagogue interior, with a group of men holding Torah aloft at center.

This colorful poster designed by Lionel Kalish offers whimsical cartoons to illustrate the meanings of Yiddish words

One of several "language lesson" posters created during the late 1960s by the American artist Lionel Kalish (b. 1931). Kalish is also notable as a painter and children's book illustrator.

Yocheved Bat-Miriam (1901-1980) was a Russian-Israeli poet.

The Swiss government requested that German passports be marked with the letter J for Jude, thus preventing Jews from passing themselves off as non-Jews and finding temporary shelter in Switzerland.

Passport of Basia Tchernenko.